How To Scrap Your Car

How to Scrap your car…

Why do people need to scrap their cars? Everyone has a different reason for why they might want to do this
• Car damage
• The vehicle has reliability issues and keeps breaking down
• The car is not sellable and you are looking to off load it as quickly as you can
• Can’t get the car taxed due to not being able to pass an MOT
• It doesn’t start. It’s beyond economic repair.

The list goes on …
There is good news however. It’s likely that your car is not completely worthless. And the great news is the team at AFOS vehicle dismantlers will be able to assess your car and Give you a tidy sum of cash to take it off your hands. The best part is it in not a complicated process. You can have the cash the same day. You can either bring it to us or arrange for us to collect it from you if it can’t be driven.
Let’s face it. You would much rather have the cash in your hands as quickly as possible rather than spend your hard earned money on trying to fix a car that just simply isn’t worth the repairs that you need for it.
The best part of all of this is that AFOS make the process of scrapping a car extremely simple. We take care of everything right down to the paperwork and logging the scrapped vehicle with the DVLA. If you want to know how scrapping a car works, we can explain everything for you in plain English.
There are four simple steps to car recycling:
Step 1
All you need to do is fill in as much detail as possible on one of our online quote forms, or alternatively, call one of our helpful trained salvage experts who can help you through the process and get the best possible price for your vehicle.
Step 2 – Once we have all the correct information about your car or van, such as your make and model, and registration number, we will be able to find a price that will suit everyone. If it needs collecting we will arrange a time and date that’s good for you and bring the cash to your door.
Step 3 – Providing you’re comfortable with what our experts offer you and are happy with there suggestions, we will confirm the scrap car prices with you, arrange for a collection driver to pick up your vehicle, confirm your cash amount, and it’s that simple.
Step 4 – Our scrap vehicle collections driver will drive to the agreed collection point, sort out all the paperwork needed for the DVLA and hand over the cash. The only thing you will need to worry about is how you’re going to spend your money. How simple can it be!
REMEMBER – If you need any questions answered throughout the process, the AFOS expert Vehicle dismantlers are more than happy to help you. To make sure everything runs to plan, just keep in touch and we will ensure you get the best possible service.
If you need collection in a hurry get in touch and we will be more than happy to arrange a 24 hour turnaround service. For more details call us on…
Please note…
From the 1st October Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came into force, making it illegal for scrap car collectors to make cash payments. The term cash is simply for reference only. You have the following options to choose from for payment of your money
1) Opt for a cheque
2) Immediate payment by electronic transfer when you sell your car for scrap or salvage.